Fairs, Art and Music Festivals, Contests, Weddings,
Anniversaries, Reunions, Grand Openings, VIP Lounges,
Malls, Office Foyers, Team Building or just about any Special
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Texas Sand Fest 10'
Port Aransas, TX
"Sand in the City" w/ group '08
Omaha, NE
Coastline Adventures
Port Aransas, TX
Texas Sand Fest 08'
Port Aransas, TX
Intel Logo 08
Corpus Christi, TX
Nebraska State Fair '08
Lincoln, NE
Warriors Weekend - Army Seal '09
Port O'Connor, TX
Halloween Food/Fund raiser  '07
Port Aransas, TX
Texas SandFest Duos with Mark Flynn '06
"Robotic Jungle"
Port Aransas, TX
Warriors Weekend - "Cheesy Shark" '10
Port O'Conner, TX
Archeology Dig - '09
Port Aransas, TX
Texas SandFest Duos with Mark Flynn '07
"Calamarie's Revenge"
Port Aransas, TX
Hidden Arch in this Photo '07
Port Aransas, TX
Hill Country News of Leander, TX - '07
Port Aransas, TX
Delaware State Fair with Brad Goll '08
Harrington, DE.
Warriors Weekend - Purple Heart, 09
Port O'Conner, TX
Lamar Lions Mascot - '10
Lamar Lions Elementary, San Angelo, TX
Hang Out Festival - '10 "Clamophone"
Gulf Shores, AL.
Hang Out Festival - '10 "Goof Balls"
Gulf Shores, AL.
Texas SandFest - "Cutting it Thin" - '02
Port Aransas, TX
Warrior's Weekend - Purple Heart 10'
Port O'Conner, TX
"Sand in the City" w/ Kristie Woodworth '10
Omaha, NE
Hang Out Festival 10'
Gulf Shores, AL
Hang Out Festival 10' 2nd view
Gulf Shores, AL
Texas SandFest Duos '07 w/ Mark Flynn
"Calamarie's Revenge" 2nd view
Port Aransas, TX
Sand Castle Days - Texas Champs Div
Kristie Woodworth
"No way not for all the candy in the world!"
2nd Place
South Padre Island, TX
Fun group at Port A
Port Aransas, TX
Texas SandFest Duos w/ Brad Goll, 10'
"Play at Work" 1st Place
Port Aransas, TX
Fort Hood military base, Earth Fest, w/ Ky Terrell - '10
Killeen, TX
Warrior's Weekend -  09'
Port O'Conner, TX
Texas SandFest Duos w/ Brad Goll 09'
"Squeeky Clean" 2nd Place
Port Aransas, TX
Logos and ray at Texas SandFest '10
Port Aransas, TX
Dr Pepper Birthday Celebration '10
Dublin, TX
Trop Fest w/ Bert Adams and Dean Murray '10
Rochester, MN
Trop Fest - Marriott '10
Rochester, MN
Trop Fest - Jimmy Buffett '10
Rochester, MN
"Sand in the City" w/ group '10
"Day at the water park"
Omaha, NE
"Sand in the City"  '10
"Day at the water park"
Omaha, NE
George Washington
Air Force Logo
Navy Logo
Texas SandFest 11' with Brad Goll
Angleton, Tx Fair
Sail South Texas Event with Mark Landrum
Dublin Dr Pepper 11'
Dublin Dr Pepper Logo
Warrior Weekend 11', Port O'Conner, Tx
Siesta Keys Logo
Tikis in Hidalgo, Tx
Ft Myers contest. "Fail" Portraying a different end to
the Hair and the Rabbit race.
New Mexico State Fair
Logo at BBQ Fest
STAFDA logo build for the RK Group
Siesta Keys contest with Brad Goll
Lighted castle for horse shoe bays resort.
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